Child Life Specialist Hospital Volunteer – not for academic credit, but good volunteer experience in Pediatric area of Utah Valley Regional

Volunteers on our pediatric floor have three main responsibilities:

  1. Patient and family interaction – Volunteers play a vital role in normalizing the hospital environment for patients and their families.  Whether it is watching a movie in the patient’s room or playing a game in the playroom or providing parents with a drink and a snack, the main role of our volunteers is to help provide connection with patients and families.
  2. Cleaning toys – We need to make sure toys are clean and safe for patient’s to be able to use. We love having volunteers help us clean toys.
  3. Helping with projects – Sometimes there are projects that we have volunteers help us complete. Often these projects help us to organize and have easy access to materials to provide child life services.

Anyone who would like to volunteer can follow the process outlined here at the Utah Valley Volunteer Website.  They do need to be aware that they will be making a commitment to volunteer once a week for six months.  The first three months will be at our information desk and then they can volunteer on the pediatric floor if they would like.

Thanks for being willing to spread the word.  We absolutely love working with BYU students.  If there are any other volunteer opportunities that arise, I will let you know so you can pass it on.

Kelsi Moore, BS, CCLS
Certified Child Life Specialist | Pediatrics and Same Day Surgery
Utah Valley Hospital Primary Children’s Network
1034 N 500 W
Provo, UT 84604
Office: 801-357-7793 | Vocera: 801-357-4000

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