The Healthy Humans Project (CFLE Project to Help Improve Personal & Family Relationships)


The Healthy Humans Project is an online family life education platform dedicated to empowering
individuals and families by helping them develop skills to create and maintain personal wellness
and healthy relationships. To accomplish this mission, we provide research-based information to
the general population via weekly blog posts (, informational
videos, and social media. We intend to further this mission by creating at-home work books for
individual and family use, as well as other tools to teach and empower our followers.

4 – 5 hours per week: Volunteers with interest in CFLE needed! Are you a freshman, sophomore, or junior who has not completed the prereqs for academic internship credit? You can still get experience by volunteering with the Healthy Humans Project — and you don’t need to register for credit.

10 – 12 hours per week: SFL Internship option (SFL 399):
An SFL BYU intern would greatly assist us in accomplishing our goals as an organization.  We are looking for an intern who is passionate about family life education with these skills:
– Strong writing and research skills
– Knowledge of social media (Facebook, Instagram)
– Possible design skills (WordPress and other web, Canva, Adobe Suite)
– Driven and self-motivated

In working with The Healthy Humans Project, an intern would:
– Use the BYU library research database to assist in collecting helpful and relevant research
– Write their own research-based blog post entries and regularly contribute to the blog
– Assist with social media
– Attend any team training meetings

Future possibilities:
– Compile information for, and assist with the assembly of, our at-home work books
– Create tools and materials that will further The Healthy Humans Project mission
– Write and distribute emails for our follower email list

Website Link:

If interested in contributing to the the Healthy Humans Project as a volunteer or intern, please contact Rian Gordon (

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