Provo School District Truancy Office Internship – volunteer and get amazing school social work experience

Provo School Truancy Office

The Provo School District Truancy Office provides rich experience for interns. They provide a strong social work in an education setting opportunity. Every year, the Truancy Office internship is a great experience for our students, but this fall it will be even more of an opportunity for growth with all of the extra challenges created by the pandemic.

The Provo Truancy Office needs several interns, but they need people who can take initiative, show innovative skills, and help in creating curriculum and new processes. They have set hours that are needed during regular school days and some after school hours may be available as well, but interns need to work around the Truancy Office schedule rather than expecting the Truancy Office to change school hours.

Just like schools had to get creative in providing ‘drive-through’ graduations at the end of the school year in May 2020, the Truancy Office will need to create new and unique engagement with students and parents. The population will look a little different this year due to many parents and students in higher economic brackets having anxiety about Covid-19 as well as anxiety about not having as much teacher contact. There will be a lot of opportunity for student interns to contribute in creating new programs and processes along with the usual type of experiences offered at the Provo Truancy Office.

If you are one who takes initiative and likes to make a difference in the world, then the Provo Truancy Office Internship experience could be the right fit for you!

If interested, please email a cover letter (expressing interest) and your resume soon to Jode Porter (pronounced like Jodie):

Jode Porter

Provo School District Truancy/Attendance Specialist


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