Circles Initiative – Salt Lake City (helping families transition from poverty to middle-class)

Circles - SLC

Location: Salt Lake City Downtown

Job Summary:
The Circles Initiative helps individuals create their own paths from scarcity to
abundance. Often people living in scarcity face overwhelming and discouraging barriers leaving
them feeling helpless and alone. The most successful paths to abundance include a wide social
network of relationships between people from all walks of life. We are focused on permanent
change, that happens when we wrap a circle of support from our community around each

Circles weekly gatherings bring the community together to enjoy dinner, learning and
development, children’s programming, future planning, and friendship. All participants in the
Circles community get to know and inspire each other in an atmosphere of positive support.

The Circles Salt Lake Intern is a part-time position with a $500 stipend per semester for successful completion of the internship position. This position is focused on overseeing helping the children’s and teens program, working on our media accounts, and general outreach.

The schedule requires attendance at our weekly meetings from 5:30pm-8:30pm with flexibility the rest of the week.  We would expect an average of 5-10 hours per week throughout the semester some of this off-site and some on-site.

Description Responsibilities

  • Weekly Meetings
  • Attends Circles Weekly Meetings each week.
  • Coordinates, prepares, and helps to facilitate the weekly meetings.
  • Circles Salt Lake Team
  • Consistent reporting of progress to Circles Coordinator verbally and in writing, and aim to meet benchmarks of success.
  • Collaborates with Circles Salt Lake Team at weekly staff meeting and throughout the week.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Community organizing / community development
  • Data entry and report generating
  • Familiar with social media and its uses
  • Enjoys working with children & teens
  • Access to a vehicle to visit the office and clients

Contact Information:
Benjamin J. Sessions, Executive Director
CIRCLES Salt Lake County
150 South State Street Suite 160 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Sugar House Chamber of Commerce, President


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