FHSS Internship & Civic Engagement Fair – Thurs, Jan 20, 2022 (Garden Court, WSC)

IMG_0323 - reps talking to students  _MG_0958 - students enjoying popcorn barGreat Experience for ALL Majors! Come find a wide variety of opportunities to get involved outside of the campus bubble – part-time jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships!

It’s that time of year again … when you get to make connections with off campus organizations that can provide you with rich opportunities to gain meaningful experience during your undergraduate program. It doesn’t really matter what your major is, but if you are interested in working with people with challenges of one kind or another and helping them learn, overcome, and succeed, then this fair is for you! There will also be business experiences, non-profit organizations, criminal justice, social services, health services, gerontology, women’s issues, developmental settings, educational settings, residential treatment centers, and civic engagement opportunities.

DON’T BE DISCOURAGED IF YOU ARE NOT SEEING ENOUGH ORGANIZATIONS PARTICIPATING! We are continuing to get organizations registering for this event and will continue to update.

The following organizations are currently registered for the Jan 20th FHSS Internship & Civic Engagement Fair (and we expect more to continue adding on):

Mental Health/Social Work:                                                                                           
ACAFS – The Family Academy (Academy for Child Advocacy & Family Support)
Wasatch Behavioral Health (paid & volunteer)
Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS)
DELIVER: Rescuing  Children At Risk                                                                                                The Refuge: Women & Children in Crisis & The Rape Crisis Team
Alpine School District Social Workers

Family Services
International Rescue Committee (IRC) – Refugee programs
Community Action Services
Arrive – The Circles Initiative
Family Haven
UVU Stronger Families Project
Summit Counseling Services

Educational Settings:
Lakeridge Jr High Counseling Office
Early Learning Essentials
Teens Act (paid & volunteer)
Waterford Summer Programs (paid)

Criminal Justice:                                                                                                                        Utah State Prison Sexual Offender Treatment Program (paid)
Adult Probation & Parole (Utah County)
Victim Advocacy Program – Provo Police

Developmental Settings:
ScenicView Academy (School for Young Adults with Autism & Learning Disabilities)
Northeastern Services (Residential Program – adult special needs) – (paid)
Courage Reins (Equine Therapy)
Utah Behavior Services

Podium (paid)
Enterprise (paid)
OC Tanner (paid)

United Way Utah County – Welcome Baby Program
United Way Utah County – Help Me Grow Program
United Way Utah County – South Franklin Community Center
My Story Matters
Make-A-Wish Foundation

Residential Treatment Centers (12-18 year-olds in clinical setting):
Maple Lake Academy
The Heritage Community (paid)
Discovery Academy (paid)
New Haven (paid)
Utah State Hospital (paid)

Bristol Hospice

Civic Engagement:                                                                                                                       UServeUtah & Americorps (paid & volunteer)

BYU Programs:
BYU Washington Seminar Program                                                                                              BYU On-Campus Internships (great experience; does not fulfill capstone)
BYU Civic Engagement
BYU Career Services

Please direct any questions about this Fair to:
Karen Christensen (karen@byu.edu)
FHSS Internship Office (fhssinternships@byu.edu)



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