Got Internship?

It’s not too late! Fall semester is just around the corner, but there is no shortage of social service internship opportunities–depending on what your interest is. I just posted several paid and unpaid opportunities and the FHSS Internship Database has many more listed on it. Wasatch ┬áMental Health and Kids on the Move provide great opportunities in social work related experiences and family support opportunities. There are Residential Treatment Centers that offer paid jobs and provide great real-life experience if you are considering a therapy direction. If you would like an opportunity at a nonprofit organization or have an interest in Human Resources or Organizational Behavior, we can help you find something that would provide you with rich, meaningful experience for that as well. Whatever your interest, there is bound to be a great opportunity just waiting for you.

Whatever your future educational and career goals are, we can help! Stop by the FHSS Internship Office (945 SWKT) and search our Internship Database. I am glad to help you determine which internship opportunities would be the best fit for your fall schedule and your career interests.

It is possible to find and secure an internship after the semester starts, but starting earlier is ALWAYS better. WE CAN HELP YOU!!!

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