PaulRevere2The BYU Career Fair is Thursday, October 3, 2013 – THIS WEEK!

Don’t cross it off your to do list, just because you are not graduating in the next semester or two. The Career Fair can benefit you no matter how early or late in your degree program you are. Seniors need to be making connections with companies and recruiters to increase their chances of finding the right career after graduation, but underclassmen can benefit from the Career Fair as well. You should be discovering what opportunities are available to you with your Social Science major. There is a lot out there, but you will have to do the groundwork to make it happen. Your Social Science degree provides a broad, liberal arts degree, but it is up to you to market yourself appropriately to the organizations for which you would like to work.

Students have commonly benefitted from Career Fairs in the following ways:

  1. Gathered information about careers
  2. Learned about the hiring process for various organizations
  3. Discovered which majors recruiters are willing to consider
  4. Develop contacts for different career paths
  5. Understand which internship experiences or volunteer work are recommended

However, just showing up to the Career Fair does not make it beneficial. You need to do a little research ahead of time. Look at the list of companies attending the fair, so you can have your customized list prioritized for who you want to make sure you connect with. (See the Career Services link for this and other important information:

How to be ready for the Career Fair:

  1. PRE-REGISTER on the Career Services website:
  2. Do your homework.
  3. Dress appropriately (as if you were going to an interview).
  4. Prepare thoughtful questions for the recruiters.
  5. Have your resume ready (and free of typos).

Represent you (and BYU) well!

I did a quick search of the A – C recruiters visiting the Career Fair, and found the following list of companies that might fit with your Social Science major and your career interests. Continue this search on your own and make a list customized for you.



Industry: Communications/Media                                                 Recruiting: Marketing/PR


Industry: Communications/Media; Marketing/PR; HR Recruiting: Service Professional; Service Manager; Customer Loyalty Specialist; Corporate Team; Branch Manager

Bain & Co

Industry: Consulting                                                           Recruiting: Strategic/Change Management

Industry: Technology – Internet/E-commerce                              Recruiting: Entrepreneurial-spirited go-getter


Industry: Communications/Media – Marketing/PR; Technology – Internet/E-commerce                                                   Recruiting: Writers, Project Mgrs, Information Analyst

Cardon Outreach

Industry: Healthcare – Administration, Public Health Recruting: Reimbursement Specialist, Patient Advocates, Appeals Representative

Career Step

Industry: Education/Academia – Other                     Recruting: Skills Assessment Administrator; Instructional Designer; Healthcare Project Manager


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