Our 1st Guest Blog Post: Marie Ricks

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Psychology Internship Opportunity:
Sex Offender Treatment Program
Utah State Prison, Draper, Utah

The SOTP internship has brought many opportunities to test and verify that I want to become a clinician.  I have served as a psychology technician for seventeen months in a real-time setting at the Sex Offender Treatment Program at the Utah State Prison.  During my tenure there I have developed and taught two sixteen-hour anger management classes and now teach an eight-week parenting class specifically geared to inmates.  Under the direction of psychologist Dr. Lisa Cloyd, my specific responsibilities also include completing/scoring inmate intake testing, conducting 90-minute inmate psychosocial interviews, and observing group therapy.

Yes, I was a bit nervous about the environment and the topic, but both have proved to be background issues as I have thrived in the real-time setting of psychological interventions.  Anyone serious about becoming a clinical or counseling psychologist should seriously consider this opportunity.

This internship experience has provided an opportunity to develop my interpersonal, teaching, and budding clinical skills in a real-world setting.  It has the additional benefit of being paid, giving you up to twenty hours a week of experience, and offering insight to the needs and challenges of an underserved population.

Please feel free to email me at marie@houseoforder.com if you want more details about my experiences.

Thanks for sharing Marie! The Prison will be holding interviews November 12th & 13th for two new positions. Go to the ‘Internship Opportunities’ link  in the ribbon at the top of this page for details.

We would love to hear about your internship experience as well. Please leave a comment here or email karen@byu.edu to request the opportunity to share the benefits and learning points from your recent internship experience!


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