Happy Holidays … Enjoy your turkey, but save room for dessert (internship opportunities)!


Somewhere in between the turkey bowl and dinner, or┬áthe turkey and the pie, or the nap and the football game ….

make time to consider some internship opportunities that will benefit you in achieving your future educational and career goals. What kind of experience do you need to fill in the gaps of your coursework? What kind of marketable skills would you like to have when you graduate? Do you want to try something out before you finish a grad program in it? Your classes are the ‘meat and potatoes,’ research is like the garnishes/seasonings that make the coursework make more sense, and internship experiences provide the ‘sweetness’ for the whole meal!

Internships are the “dessert” of your undergrad program–after the turkey and stuffing!

Look at the Internship Announcements under the ‘Internship’ link on this blog and then stop by the FHSS Internship Office (945 SWKT) any time during normal office hours to search the Internship Database and discover the wide variety of internship flavors. There are a lot of opportunities available — it’s just a matter of finding the right taste for you!

Tip of the day:
Oh yeah … don’t eat too much turkey; you HAVE to save room for dessert!

Snoopy TGiving

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