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The website Forever Families ( is in need of writers!

First launching in 2002, this School of Family Life-sponsored website provides practical, scholarly and sacred information for strengthening individuals, marriages and families of all faiths, organized around themes of The Family: A Proclamation to the World. Our anticipated audiences are parents, couples and individuals who are interested in promoting principles for enriching marriage and family life in their homes and in their communities.

What Forever Families Writers Do

Writers work under the direction of faculty to develop the materials for the site. Writers create short web articles written in the language of the public, and longer articles with additional research. The emphasis in both is on providing the reader with the best and latest research and practice on a topic in an easy-to-read format. A brief, “LDS Perspective” article is also included as a companion for the LDS reader, so they can see what the Brethren have said about a topic. Forever Families articles are reviewed by two professors before publication. Therefore, writers become a refereed web article author!

Activity at the Site

Forever Families is an active website, with visitors coming from all over the world, about 95% LDS. The articles get read, and get used! A few examples:

  • An itinerant preacher in Midwest USA asks for permission to make 300 copies of an article for their congregation
  • A Church Educational System administrator in Italy includes numerous articles from Forever Families in materials for church leaders, in binders right alongside Ensign articles

Qualifications of Interns and Volunteer Writers

Interns or volunteers at Forever Families are excellent library researchers, excellent writers, have a strong work ethic, and work well independently. This writing experience is unpaid. For more information, see the attached flyer.

Application Process

 To formally apply, contact me directly via email. Answer two questions in your application email:

  1. Why you want to be a Forever Families writer.
  2. Qualifications you bring

I will set up an interview with chosen applicants

Dr. Duncan
Director & Editor

Stephen F. Duncan, Ph.D., CFLE
Professor, School of Family Life
Brigham Young University
2077 JFSB
Provo, UT 84602
Phone: 801-422-1796
FAX: 801-422-0230

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