Here you will find instructions for how to register to receive academic credit for your internship. You do not need internship credit for every good experience you have, but if during your junior/senior years (since there are usually prereqs involved) you decide academic internship would benefit you, then you have a few different options depending on your major (Psych, SFL, and Soc internship credit can also fulfill Gerontology minor internship credit).

If you are interested in earning academic internship credit for Psychology, SFL, or Sociology, you should follow this FHSS Internship Application process:

Once you have secured an opportunity and determined that it will fit well with our internship guidelines and your future goals, please fill out the Community & Social Services Internship application at this link:

As soon as you submit the application, an auto email will go to your new internship supervisor asking him/her to complete the Provider Confirmation form. It is always a good idea to give the supervisor a heads up to watch for an email from ‘’ before you submit the application, and then ask if he/she has 5 minutes in the next day or two to complete the Provider Confirmation form. Once the Department receives both of these application components, you will receive an email letting you know whether or not the Department approves your internship along with instructions for finalizing the registration process (including instructions for how to complete the IRAMS application and the Master Agreement form from your internship site).


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