FHSS Internship & Civic Engagement Fair – Thurs, Jan 20, 2022 (Garden Court, WSC)

IMG_0323 - reps talking to students  _MG_0958 - students enjoying popcorn barGreat Experience for ALL Majors! Come find a wide variety of opportunities to get involved outside of the campus bubble – part-time jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships!

It’s that time of year again … when you get to make connections with off campus organizations that can provide you with rich opportunities to gain meaningful experience during your undergraduate program. It doesn’t really matter what your major is, but if you are interested in working with people with challenges of one kind or another and helping them learn, overcome, and succeed, then this fair is for you! There will also be business experiences, non-profit organizations, criminal justice, social services, health services, gerontology, women’s issues, developmental settings, educational settings, residential treatment centers, and civic engagement opportunities.

DON’T BE DISCOURAGED IF YOU ARE NOT SEEING ENOUGH ORGANIZATIONS PARTICIPATING! We are continuing to get organizations registering for this event and will continue to update.

The following organizations are currently registered for the Jan 20th FHSS Internship & Civic Engagement Fair (and we expect more to continue adding on):

Mental Health/Social Work:                                                                                           
ACAFS – The Family Academy (Academy for Child Advocacy & Family Support)
Wasatch Behavioral Health (paid & volunteer)
Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS)
DELIVER: Rescuing  Children At Risk                                                                                                The Refuge: Women & Children in Crisis & The Rape Crisis Team
Alpine School District Social Workers

Family Services
International Rescue Committee (IRC) – Refugee programs
Community Action Services
Arrive – The Circles Initiative
Family Haven
UVU Stronger Families Project
Summit Counseling Services

Educational Settings:
Lakeridge Jr High Counseling Office
Early Learning Essentials
Teens Act (paid & volunteer)
Waterford Summer Programs (paid)

Criminal Justice:                                                                                                                        Utah State Prison Sexual Offender Treatment Program (paid)
Adult Probation & Parole (Utah County)
Victim Advocacy Program – Provo Police

Developmental Settings:
ScenicView Academy (School for Young Adults with Autism & Learning Disabilities)
Northeastern Services (Residential Program – adult special needs) – (paid)
Courage Reins (Equine Therapy)
Utah Behavior Services

Podium (paid)
Enterprise (paid)
OC Tanner (paid)

United Way Utah County – Welcome Baby Program
United Way Utah County – Help Me Grow Program
United Way Utah County – South Franklin Community Center
My Story Matters
Make-A-Wish Foundation

Residential Treatment Centers (12-18 year-olds in clinical setting):
Maple Lake Academy
The Heritage Community (paid)
Discovery Academy (paid)
New Haven (paid)
Utah State Hospital (paid)

Bristol Hospice

Civic Engagement:                                                                                                                       UServeUtah & Americorps (paid & volunteer)

BYU Programs:
BYU Washington Seminar Program                                                                                              BYU On-Campus Internships (great experience; does not fulfill capstone)
BYU Civic Engagement
BYU Career Services

Please direct any questions about this Fair to:
Karen Christensen (karen@byu.edu)
FHSS Internship Office (fhssinternships@byu.edu)



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Marriott School On-Campus Internship Program

Marriott School On-Campus Internship Program is a great way to build your resume while in school! The OCI credit is not meant to replace your major credit or your capstone credit, but can provide good real-world experience with 3 credits of MSB course registration (this included Ballard Center Social Innovation Projects).

See this link for an overview of the OCI Program: https://marriottschool.byu.edu/oci/

Email karen@byu.edu for a spreadsheet of all of the available projects to choose from for winter 2021.

Teams started being put together the first week of December, but students can still sign up until January 13th for any projects still available at the time they apply.

All team meetings, meetings with the company sponsor, and classes are over Zoom.  This is a great class for the COVID-19 world.

There are no fees collected from companies/organizations for these projects.  It is an experiential learning opportunity for the students to get professional-level experience.  Students will find the course gives them real-world experience, builds a stronger résumé, allows them to enhance their education by applying the principles learned in class, and helps them land a job or full-time internship.  The projects we provide are open to all undergraduates across campus and have resulted in high satisfaction from both the companies and students.

There are  a few things important to understand:

  1. All students will benefit from an OCI regardless of the company as there is an opportunity to develop competencies required in all careers.  These include:
    1. Dealing with Ambiguity
    2. Negotiation
    3. Communication
    4. Teamwork and Team Dynamics
    5. Business Research
    6. Project Management
    7. Executive Presentations and Reporting
    8. Resilience/Grit
  2. While the class only meets 6 times during the semester, it is a 3-credit, graded class; so students are required to meet as teams 2-3 times per week and contribute 7 ½ to 9 hours of work each week.
  3. Team assignments and access to online course work is sent out two weeks before classes begin. Students may not add the class after January 14th.
  4. In general, students assigned to Fortune 500 projects are required to have completed at least one previous OCI.  So students that get started now not only gain experience and strengthen their résumé, they also set themselves up for a potential Fortune 500 project in future semesters.

If you have any questions, or if I can help in any way please let me know.


David Hollan
Director, Experiential Learning
Marriott School of Business
Brigham Young University
441 TNRB, Provo, UT 84602
Email: dhollan@byu.edu
Office: 801-422-8928

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Hope4Utah (Suicide Prevention) Research Intern – paid position


Hope4Utah: Part-time Research Assistant Position

We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join the research team of Hope4Utah/Hope Squad as a Research Assistant.

This position is available immediately and focuses on research surrounding the Hope Squad suicide prevention program. The successful candidate will be expected to participate in research projects, study design, training, analyzing data, and in preparing reports, review, and manuscripts for publications. Pay is $10 per hour.


  • Conduct literature reviews
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Prepare materials for submission
  • Manage and respond to related email
  • Prepare, maintain and update website materials
  • Attend project meetings
  • Summarize project results
  • Prepare progress reports
  • Prepare other articles, reports and presentations
  • As appropriate to the specified position, code and verify data in accordance with specified research protocol and coding procedures and enter data into a computer database and/or spreadsheet application for subsequent analysis
  • Identify and compile lists of potential research subjects
  • Review and edit data to ensure completeness and accuracy of information
  • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned
  • Prepare findings for publication and assist in laboratory analysis, quality control, or data management
  • Write and contribute to publications
  • Develop research protocols
  • Track progress over time
  • Engage clinical and community partners in research
  • Develop assessment and evaluation tools
  • Compile data for progress reports

Research Assistant top skills & proficiencies:

  • Communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Critical thinking
  • Technical skills
  • Statistical and Graphical Analysis of Data
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Interviewing
  • Data Collection

If interested, please contact Cathy Bledsoe

Hope4Utah Contact Info

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Help Me Grow – Care Coordination Internship Winter 2021 w/ United Way Utah County

Help Me Grow Utah is a free pregnancy and child development
helpline where families and providers can connect to developmental
screenings, community resources and information. Care
coordination interns share responsibilities similar to our Parent
Support Specialists including:

– Helping families enroll with Help Me Grow by email, text, or phone
– Interpreting and giving results of child development questionnaires to parents
– Researching community and informational resources to provide to families as applicable
– Following up with families to see if resources have worked for them
– Writing blog posts about child development topics of interest to you
– Other office tasks as necessary

United Way Utah County is beginning the recruiting process for interns for the Winter 2021 semester.

Due to COVID-19, they will be holding virtual interviews over the next several weeks. They will also continue to offer the option of a remote internship experience. Interns will only need to come to the office to pick up/return the office phone which will allow them to contact families throughout their internship. This can be done with no contact.

Students can apply online here: https://www.helpmegrowutah.org/who-we-are/join-our-team

Other United Way of Utah County internships will be available including Welcome Baby and South Franklin Community Center.

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Community Outreach Internship w/ Arrive Utah (Circles Initiative)

Compensation and Benefits:
Internships are Part time/Temporary positions- $12.50 an hour (up to 320 hours per semester); no benefits (Interns may extend for an additional semester, if desired.)
Arrive Utah is seeking a Community Outreach Intern to assist in the managing and growth of our community presence and awareness. This is an excellent opportunity for a student or recent graduate to gain experience working in a non-profit and join an enthusiastic and collaborative team.

Arrive Utah helps strengthen businesses and communities through innovative, effective solutions that help people:
• Increase social capital
• Secure basic needs
• Thrive as individuals and families

• Assist with the planning and coordination of community events
• Research, Identify and foster relations with possible community partnership opportunities with local businesses and organizations
• Assist with soliciting donations for community events
• Utilize creative skills to build connections between our organization and the community
• Participate in meetings with potential donors and vendors
• Secure in-kind donations
• Assist in the recruitment of volunteers
• Help promote Kindness Campaign and Community Challenges to Utah groups and communities

• Must be detail-oriented with strong organizational skills
• Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
• Must have enthusiasm for building relationships and networking
• Must be a self-starter with a positive attitude and the ability to work independently as well as with others.
• Have an interest in poverty reduction work.
• Ability to work well with a diversity of people, including people from a variety of economic backgrounds.

This is a 4-month commitment (one semester) with the possibility to continue for an additional semester. Flexible schedule, but hours between 9-5 Mon-Friday is preferred. Requires 160 hours minimum (10 hours per week), but interns may work up to 320 hours per semester (20 hours a week).
385-236-5551 www.arriveutah.org

Arrive Utah is open Monday-Friday from 9:00-5:00 pm.
Remote work is acceptable, a personal computer with internet access is preferred for remote work. Some in-person meetings and appointments may be required.

How to Apply:
Please email your:
• Resume
• Community Action Application
• Reference release forms
• A brief message describing your interest to Julie Duckett at julie@arriveutah.org, with “Community Outreach intern” as the subject.

In the message, please explain why you are interested in community outreach and how you would benefit working with Arrive Utah. Please include your availability and desired work hours.

Arrive Utah, under Community Action Services and Food Bank, is an equal opportunity employer

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Circles Initiative – Salt Lake City (helping families transition from poverty to middle-class)

Circles - SLC

Location: Salt Lake City Downtown

Job Summary:
The Circles Initiative helps individuals create their own paths from scarcity to
abundance. Often people living in scarcity face overwhelming and discouraging barriers leaving
them feeling helpless and alone. The most successful paths to abundance include a wide social
network of relationships between people from all walks of life. We are focused on permanent
change, that happens when we wrap a circle of support from our community around each

Circles weekly gatherings bring the community together to enjoy dinner, learning and
development, children’s programming, future planning, and friendship. All participants in the
Circles community get to know and inspire each other in an atmosphere of positive support.

The Circles Salt Lake Intern is a part-time position with a $500 stipend per semester for successful completion of the internship position. This position is focused on overseeing helping the children’s and teens program, working on our media accounts, and general outreach.

The schedule requires attendance at our weekly meetings from 5:30pm-8:30pm with flexibility the rest of the week.  We would expect an average of 5-10 hours per week throughout the semester some of this off-site and some on-site.

Description Responsibilities

  • Weekly Meetings
  • Attends Circles Weekly Meetings each week.
  • Coordinates, prepares, and helps to facilitate the weekly meetings.
  • Circles Salt Lake Team
  • Consistent reporting of progress to Circles Coordinator verbally and in writing, and aim to meet benchmarks of success.
  • Collaborates with Circles Salt Lake Team at weekly staff meeting and throughout the week.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Community organizing / community development
  • Data entry and report generating
  • Familiar with social media and its uses
  • Enjoys working with children & teens
  • Access to a vehicle to visit the office and clients

Contact Information:
Benjamin J. Sessions, Executive Director
CIRCLES Salt Lake County
150 South State Street Suite 160 Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Sugar House Chamber of Commerce, President


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Provo School District Truancy Office Internship – volunteer and get amazing school social work experience

Provo School Truancy Office

The Provo School District Truancy Office provides rich experience for interns. They provide a strong social work in an education setting opportunity. Every year, the Truancy Office internship is a great experience for our students, but this fall it will be even more of an opportunity for growth with all of the extra challenges created by the pandemic.

The Provo Truancy Office needs several interns, but they need people who can take initiative, show innovative skills, and help in creating curriculum and new processes. They have set hours that are needed during regular school days and some after school hours may be available as well, but interns need to work around the Truancy Office schedule rather than expecting the Truancy Office to change school hours.

Just like schools had to get creative in providing ‘drive-through’ graduations at the end of the school year in May 2020, the Truancy Office will need to create new and unique engagement with students and parents. The population will look a little different this year due to many parents and students in higher economic brackets having anxiety about Covid-19 as well as anxiety about not having as much teacher contact. There will be a lot of opportunity for student interns to contribute in creating new programs and processes along with the usual type of experiences offered at the Provo Truancy Office.

If you are one who takes initiative and likes to make a difference in the world, then the Provo Truancy Office Internship experience could be the right fit for you!

If interested, please email a cover letter (expressing interest) and your resume soon to Jode Porter (pronounced like Jodie): jodep@provo.edu

Jode Porter

Provo School District Truancy/Attendance Specialist



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Teens Act “Lead Mentor Teacher” – paid part-time job


Lead Mentor Teacher
Teens Act is a nonprofit based in Provo with a mission to empower underserved high school students to graduate from high school and go on to higher education. We are looking for passionate individuals to teach and implement the Teens Act program. If you have good teaching, leadership, and communication skills as well as a passion for helping teenagers succeed, please apply! This is a great opportunity to serve your community while developing your teaching skills and adding to your leadership experience.


  • As lead mentor, with the assistance of other mentors help coordinating the program during the Student Success Class, After School Mentoring Program, and Parent Support Program as needed.
  • Help students complete current schoolwork, recover lost credits (failed classes) and improve academic and success skills.
  • Motivate and encourage students to participate in opportunities and take advantage of resources provided by the school, Teens Act and the community to succeed in school.
  • Track student performance and report on student progress to school and Teens Act staff.
  • Attend team meetings.


  • Be able to lead student instruction during the Student Success Class, coordinate after school and parent support services along with other mentors.
  • College level skills preferred in order to help students with their schoolwork.
  • Previous experience in teaching, mentoring, or working with at-risk youth is a plus.
  • Spanish proficiency a plus.
  • Be able to work about 5-9 hours a week depending on the school (meetings + class hours) for at least a semester.
  • One year commitment is a plus.

# of Positions: 2
1 at Timpview High School (THS)
1 at Provo High School (PHS)

Note: This is a paid opportunity
Deadline: Open until filled and priority will be given to early applicants

How to Apply:
Submit a one-page resume to contact@teensact.org contact@teens-act.org

Contact by email (contact@teensact.org) or call/text Gary Lacock at 801-360-7135 for more information


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Full-time Job: CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP ADVOCATE @ Fidelity Investments




Do you enjoy helping others? Are you the “go to person” at work or in your community? Would your friends and family describe you as friendly and resourceful?  We really should talk.

This is a full-time hourly position that offers the opportunity for overtime based on the business needs and your availability.

The Expertise We’re Looking For:

  • Relationship building skills
  • Commitment to customers
  • Experience in service, healthcare, or hospitality in people facing industries are strongly preferred.

The Purpose of Your Role:

You bring your passion, we’ll invest in you.  Yes, we are in financial services, but not in the competitive and old-fashioned way you might be thinking.  We offer an industry-leading, paid development program that will prepare you to engage with customers while obtaining your Series 7 and 63 licenses where you will learn all about the financial services industry products.

These inbound phone calls, chats, and email interactions can range from something as simple as an account balance inquiry to the complexity of helping inform difficult financial decisions, but your mission remains the same:  help customers feel more confident, make clearer decisions, and achieve their own financial dreams.

The Skills You Bring:

  • Your unwavering commitment to customers
  • Desire to learn and a dedication to study and apply a new conceptual content to obtain your financial licenses

The Value You Deliver:

At Fidelity, collaboration isn’t just about working together in our small teams (15ish); it’s about improving lives together.  Our success as a firm is due to the personal responsibility and pride our associates take in getting things just right, and the compassion that drives us to go the extra mile for our customers and each other.  We ask for and act on our associates’ input on everything from busting through customer issues to designing our workspaces.

Your Life:

We believe that a balanced life is important. Our benefit programs are designed to help you and your loved ones balance the needs of work, life and family.  Sound too good to be true?  See for yourself and learn more about our benefit offerings. www.fmrbenefits.com

Jan Whitesides
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Fidelity Investments



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Female Psych Tech Positions (part-time jobs) @ Center for Change

Center for Change Photo   Center for Change Logo

Psych Tech Positions (part-time jobs) @ Center for Change, Orem

Center for Change, one of the most respected facilities for the treatment of eating disorders, is seeking part-time female Psych Techs to collaborate with The Center’s multidisciplinary treatment team in providing safe, secure, and supportive treatment to inpatients suffering from Anorexia and Bulimia.  This is an excellent opportunity for college students who are studying behavioral health to gain exposure and build experience in the field.  Part-time techs typically work from 8 to 24 hours/week.  Many students work up to 25 to 30 hours per week based upon their availability for open shifts.

Please visit our website to learn more about The Center: http://centerforchange.com/

Go to our Employment Page, click to view all openings and then select the Psych Tech job opening to complete and submit your online application https://jobs.uhsinc.com/center-for-change

We look forward to hearing from you!

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