Paid Summer Job/Internship — Website design/Social Media/Banking

Provo Postal Credit Union is a small credit union located at 345 West 100 South, in Provo, Utah.  We are a “Low Income Designated CU,” that is open to all Utah County residents.  Our members recently approved a name change to “City Center Credit Union.”  We will likely implement that change within the next six months.

We make a lot of loans that no other institution will consider (loans outside the box that don’t fit but that make sense to a common sense person).

Intern responsibilities are prioritized as follows:

  1. Redo our website and help bring it in compliance with current NCUA regulations, etc. (
  2. Help increase our social media footprint in the area (especially among students).
  3. Help with office IT issues where needed.
  4. Help design a new logo for “City Center Credit Union”
  5. Help promote a financial literacy program we offer to our members.
  6. General help around office with any and all assignments – (teller transactions, answer phones, general member services, etc.). We wear a lot of hats at a tiny credit union.

While our top priority is our website revamp, we will try to provide a general training/understanding of what we do as a small CU.

Hours:  9am-5:30pm (with an hour break for lunch)
Some of the website work can be done from home.

Availability: Position is available immediately.

 Salary: $10 per hour, up to 40 hours per week for the entire summer.

Resumes & letters of interest should be sent to the attention of:

Scott Johnson, CEO                                                                                                               Provo Postal Credit Union                                                                                                                   345 West 100 South                                                                                                                           Provo, Utah 84601

Phone – 801.374.5856
fax 801.356.9324

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