Franklin Covey | Global Internship Opportunity


Franklin Covey | Global Internship Opportunity

Non-paid internship starting now — APPLY NOW!


  • Organizing electronic files into a meaningful and useful database structure (analytical skills needed, as well as some basic computer skills—knowing how to move, manipulate, and create folders, folder hierarchy, and simple database categories).
  • Gathering, sorting, and analyzing scoreboards from various international offices, and updating a spreadsheet with this information
  • Putting that data into a PowerPoint presentation format
  • Project management duties (gathering electronic-formatted support documents) from Subject Matter Experts
  • Packaging documents into presentable/usable fashion to be distributed electronically to Global Partners
  • Short-term projects with quick deadlines
  • attend weekly team conference calls (if their schedule allows) [Prior interns were able to gain understanding of global business issues when they would get on our team calls and hear our General Managers talk about their business challenges in:  South Africa, Kenya, Hungary, Poland, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and so on]
  • Opportunities are wide and varied

Flexible Schedule: 

Set your own schedule

Approximately 8-15 hours per week


  • Students who do not have to be spoon-fed information, and hand-held on a day-to-day basis.
  • Students interested in gaining a valuable experience and a resume-building opportunity


  • real-world International experience working with teams in our offices in over 150 countries
  • Resume-building experience, with compelling stories to tell future employers
  • Recognized corporate brand on the resume
  • Exposure to other departments within FranklinCovey for possible, future job opportunities

Apply Now:

Email Justin Calapp with a cover letter and resume.

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