2 Winter Semester Internship Positions
1 Volunteer (not for credit) Position

Complete our 24 hour training that is spaced out over a two week time period (1st one scheduled for January 31st — more details with dates, times, and the location if you contact Bailey.

Intern #1: Will help out with our Transitional Housing program. This is our housing for victims of domestic violence that they can live in for 6 months and up to 2 years. That means the intern will get a lot of hands on experience working with the same clients and helping them meet goals. The intern will work with me at first and after they complete their BCI in our training and I feel confident in their abilities, they will be able to take on their own caseload. They will have experiences doing action plans with clients, connecting them to resources in the community, giving presentations to other agencies about our organization, they can teach life skill classes to clients each week, and other things like that.

Intern #2: Will help clients in our aftercare program. Those are clients that have left living in our shelter or transitional housing and they are independently living out in the community but are still in need of resources. This intern would also work with me for a while but eventually could get their own caseload too. A lot of the tasks they do would be the same as far as case management but instead of working on site as much, they would be driving our company vehicle to appointments in clients homes that live around Utah county. They would deliver small donation items, help them find resources, drive them to appointments, teach them about budgeting/meal planning/parenting skills/etc. or basically whatever the client needs. It is very case by case basis.

Volunteer Position (not for credit): The volunteer would not commit to as many hours as an intern would, but they would help both transitional housing and aftercare clients with larger donation items. They would set up appointments, meet with donors in the community, deliver furniture with other volunteers, and help to manage our storage unit. This could be really flexible just when needed or they could plan to have a more set schedule.

If interested, please contact Bailey Call immediately:
Office number: 801-691-5414
Cell number: 509-221-8968

We can add you to the internship class after the add/drop deadline if you secure this opportunity and want to get academic credit for it. Otherwise, you can just do it for the experience and to build your resume.

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