Circles Initiative (Nebo) – Advocacy Group Intern (fall semester 2017)

Circles Initiative

Advocacy Group Intern
Circles Nebo is looking for an intern to work at their site to manage and facilitate its’ advocacy group.

Advocacy is one of the most important tools that nonprofits and foundation can use to create lasting change in the communities they serve. It can be confusing, intimidating and even discouraging at times.

Circles “Big View” is an advocacy group made up of community members, Circle Leaders, Allies and Circles staff that work collectively to identify and solve systemic barriers within their own community that prevent individuals and families from moving out of poverty.  In addition, Big View works to be a liaison to state and national Big View efforts to help mitigate “cliff effects”.


  • Facilitate monthly Big View group meeting.
  • Coach its’ group members through the intricacies of advocacy, to help them understand what’s allowable under the law, to build confidence, and to give them the tools they need to conduct effective advocacy.
  • Recruit additional members to build up team. Suggestions include: college students, researchers, advocates, bank employees, credit consumer counseling staff, community members specifically involved with the issue that the Big View Team has selected to address.
  • Help group do the following:
    • identify the most pressing barrier in their area
    • decide what aspect of this barrier they would like to see change
    • gather information
    • chose realistic and meaningful plan/goals to address barrier
    • identify key stake holders
    • get to know key stake holders
    • formulate a message that they want this group to know or do differently
  • Help group to stay on course, fulfill assignments and follow through with plan
  • Conduct personal research of issue and stay informed.

CURRENT BARRIER OF FOCUS: to be determined
From September 2017 – May 2018
Please contact Lucy Perkins at, 801-691-5242 for more information.

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