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Since thRoad Map w Handsis is my first official internship blog post, I thought it appropriate to introduce myself and my mission. The FHSS Internship Office was created by the FHSS Dean’s Office to better serve FHSS majors. (How’s that for specific?) I am Karen Christensen, Family & Social Services Internship Coordinator, and I was assigned to specifically work with the following three undergrad majors: Psychology, Sociology, and SFL majors (but I am happy to assist any FHSS majors that are interested in learning more about internships).

We are conveniently located on the 9th floor of the SWKT (across from the Dean’s Office) in room 945, and we now have social media accounts! Follow us using the links in the right hand corner of the blog.

Adding us to your news feed will keep you in the loop and aware of future opportunities as they arise. You will also receive important educational and career information to help you better prepare for the real world upon graduation!

Look for new posts each week and receive real time announcements for new opportunities as soon as we hear about them via Twitter and Facebook. Our Pinterest account is still in its infancy stage, but we are excited about the possibilities available there in the near future. Of course LinkedIn is an important networking tool for you to start building now. I will be posting a new article every Tuesday on this blog including a variety of topics that will help you along your degree journey: the importance of internships; how to find the right opportunities; job search and career advice; what career directions does my major prepare me for; what does a really good internship experience look like, etc.

The purpose of the FHSS Internship Office is to provide a map for the road to your success! Your Bachelor’s Degree is important, but a great internship can make the difference in finding and succeeding in your chosen career—just as a map and a well-paved road can lead you to your destination.

I am passionate about helping students succeed! I want to help you gain confidence in your degree with real-world experience and by helping you identify the marketable skills you are gaining on your way to graduation.

Sometimes students are intimidated and decide not to participate in any extracurricular opportunities during their undergrad program. I can help you understand how to fit meaningful experiences into your schedule and integrate the right opportunities along the way. Come visit!

If you are still wondering how the FHSS Internship Office can help you,
here we are by the NUMBERS:

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