Now Hiring: TELOS Residential Treatment Center



TELOS provides a very rich experience for students with an interest in pursuing a therapy graduate program or just an interest in working with troubled teens. TELOS Employees receive ongoing, intensive training as well as real-world experience.

TELOS Residential Treatment Center is hiring now for mentor positions.
Description: Mentors are directly responsible for the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, educational, social, safety and security needs of each student.
Qualifications:  Exceptional relationship skills, dependability, reliability, ability to hold appropriate boundaries, as well as receive and carry out instructions, and a genuine concern for others.

Duties and Reposibilities: perform assigned checks; enforce student rules; monitor and carry out consequences; chart on each student; communicate and report to supervisors, support all other departments, participate in assignments;  assist in runaway retrieval

The time commitment is three 8-hour shifts per week along with one Sunday each month. The starting wage is $9.50/hour during a 90 day probationary period and then the wage is increased to $10/hour.

Any students who are interested in applying can go to and apply under the employment section.

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