Washington SeminarDon’t miss this fantastic opportunity to strengthen your resume and broaden your experience before graduation! See https://washingtonseminar.byu.edu/pages/default.aspx for more details.

Washington Seminar students intern Monday through Thursday and have classes/seminars in the Barlow Center on Fridays. Field trips are also a part of the curriculum. Washington Seminar students can live in Washington DC for about the same cost of living in Provo!

Washington Seminar IS NOT JUST FOR Political Science Majors! Social Science majors can really benefit from internships in DC as well. If you know what you want to do after graduation, you can find something that will help you prepare for that direction. If you are trying to find the right career path, Washington DC is a great place to gain exposure to a wide variety of opportunities. SFL, Psychology, or Sociology majors are qualified to get experience in a wide range of opportunities. Please read through the list below with just a sampling of internships filled by BYU students in 2013.

Just some of the DC sites where BYU students have interned this year:

 Non-profit/Social Service/Agency/Health experience:

1) The National Council for Adoption (provides adoption advocacy and awareness services for adoption professionals, families, birth parents, and agencies)
2)      The Heart of America Foundation (promoting volunteer service and literacy)
3)      Dept of Health and Human Services
4)      Housing Assistance Council
5)      American Heart and Stroke Association
6)      March of Dimes Health Education

Family Policy/Education:
1)      Morality in Media
2)      Institute of International Education
3)      Center for Education Reform
4)      Women Thrive Worldwide
5)      US Dept of Education
6)      Internet Keep Safe Coalition

Pre-law experience:
1)      Law Firms (Rosenau & Rosenau; Schramm, Williams, and Assoc)
2)      National Association of Attorneys General
3)      Superior Court of District of Columbia
4)      United States Attorney’s Office

Pre-therapy experience:

1)      American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
2)      American Legislative Exchange Council (LDS Church Office of Public and International Affairs)

Environmental Issues:
1)      The Wilderness Society
2)      Center for Health, Environmental and Justice

 Defense/Criminal Justice:
1)      National Defense University
2)      Police Foundation
3)      Federal Judicial Center – Div of Court Education

Legislative/Embassy/Committee Offices:
1)      Rep. Jason Chaffetz’ Office
2)      Senator Mike Lee’s Office
3)      Senator Harry Reid’s Office
4)      Senator Orrin Hatch’s Office
5)      Rep. Jim Matheson’s Office
6)      Embassy of Guatamala
7)      Joint National Committee for Languages
8)      Senate Committees (Finance,

Museums and the Arts:
1)      National Museum of African Art
2)      JFK Center for the Performing Arts

Research Opportunities:
1)      Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Research Assistant)
2)      Any number of other research opportunities if you are interested in them

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