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Coach AlbaCoach Alba is hiring again. Coach Alba is kind of a ‘sister’ company to Vital Smarts (which provides the following corporate training: Crucial Conversations, Influencer, and Change Anything). Since Coach Alba is a young start-up company, it offers a lot of opportunity to get experience in building a company and promoting new and innovative ideas. It is the perfect situation for students with an ¬†interest in business and helping people improve. Psychology, Sociology, and SFL degrees are great backgrounds for this job opportunity–they have loved the Social Science majors we have sent them in the past.

If it sounds interesting to you, APPLY TODAY!

Corporate Wellness Researcher
Responsible for research in coordination with the marketing team to find corporate wellness partnership opportunities with Coach Alba. A part time job with the potential to turn into a full time position.
Details: 20-30 hrs/week; $10/hour with bonuses.

Job Description:
Coach Alba-Corporate Wellness Researcher

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