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Utah Behavior Services was started with two primary goals: provide the highest quality behavior services available in Utah, and do it in a way that strengthens the entire family. We have developed an integrated, multidisciplinary team, all working together for one family’s goals and success. Utah Behavior Services currently offers a wide variety of services for individuals and their family. Our motto is:
“Creating Successful Children, Developing Strong Families”
This is a PAID JOB that you need to commit to work at least 15 hours per week (more available as desired).

A behavior interventionist works directly with children with disabilities, to provide ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy in order to increase independence and age-typical skills. Therapy sessions consist of highly structured teaching, natural play and exploration, and whole home interventions to increase sibling play and life skills.

Dena Crompton
HR Manager @ Utah Behavior Services

See this attachment for details.Utah Behavioral Services

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