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Sugardoodle’s new website and blogs

Sugardoodle (LDS lesson helps blog) is broadening its offering to content for ALL women from any denomination in most every area of their lives. The redesigned site and new blog, with all of its sub pages, will have content directed to helping this broader demographic, and will cover the ages of 20 to 65.

Sugardoodle.net is looking for students from the FHSS College to contribute to their NEW site and its blogs, which will launch in a few weeks.

Whether you want to contribute once a month or more, taking your educational expertise and passion and sharing that with a large following of women is not only deeply rewarding, but can create a following for you to then create your own blog. Yew, we will link out to your blog.

Qualifications: a keen sense of web trending for a female demographic–what do women want to see, learn or view in the areas of family, home and social sciences. A good sense of what interests Pinterest followers is helpful as we are going to market to Pinterest followers. The ability to take photos of your projects, upload the photos and write interesteng content in regards to your projects/photos fo rthe posts. We would also be posting your projects on Pinterest and Facebook which has 80,000 plus followers and is growing rapidly.

Application Instructions: Send an email (april.sugardoodle@gmail.com) as to why you think this would be a good volunteer opportunity for you. We know that volunteering for a site that gets 2 million monthly hits will be GREAT for your resume, tell us why YOU would be great for Sugardoodle!


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