Non-Credit volunteer opportunity

Cahoots Fitness, LLC
Contracted Position: Pre-K Curriculum Developer
Project Start: September 2014
Compensation: Negotiable
Project Description:
Cahoots Fitness is a startup based in Utah County that provides fitness solutions for moms with young children. We have developmental classes for children ages 2-5 years old (including gymnastics, dance, sports, etc.) at the same time as fitness classes for moms (zumba, yoga, strength training, etc.). This allows moms to enjoy a guilt-free workout in a judgment-free environment with other moms just like them, while their kids develop healthy habits and valuable skills at a young age. Check out for more information.
Cahoots Fitness is seeking a Pre-K Curriculum Developer to take our children’s classes to a higher level. The new curriculum will extend beyond physical development to include social and mental development in a variety of active, playful, and engaging activities. The curriculum must be appropriate and adaptable for children ages 2-5 years old in groups of 6-10 children. Class attendance will be sporadic and unpredictable, and the curriculum will need to function for first-time students and regular attendees.
The program should build coordination, social skills, and an enjoyment of exercise and learning.
In connection with the new curriculum, the developer must also design a system for measuring children’s progress. This will include identifying key metrics that most accurately reflect a child’s growth, and determining the best methods for collecting and analyzing the data.
The curriculum development process will include testing and iterating on live classes of children and adapting the curriculum based on the results of the testing.
Final deliverables include digital copies of written curriculum in the form of a training manual with a professional appearance.
Reliable and self-driven; able to prioritize and meet deadlines
Experience designing lessons or activities for children ages 2-5
Experience teaching children ages 2-5
Strong writing skills and basic page layout/design capabilities
Ability to test, identify problems, creatively solve problems and adapt
To Apply:
Send a resume and cover letter expressing why you are interested in the project and what unique value you can provide for Cahoots Fitness to


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