Campus Event – ORCA Grant Writing Workshop

ORCA Grant Proposal Writing Workshop

Each year prior to the ORCA Grant Proposal being due we have two ORCA Grant Proposal Writing Workshops. These workshops are taught by BYU faculty members with extensive experience in undergraduate mentoring and with the ORCA Grant program in general.

Each presenter covers the same material but from different perspectives. Byron Adams is a professor from the College of Life Sciences and Rob McFarland is a professor from the College of Humanities.

Upcoming Workshops
Choose one of four workshop times:

Wed, Sept 24
11 am – 12 pm (Life Sciences)
3 pm – 4 pm (Humanities)
Thurs, Sept 25
11 am – 12 pm (Humanities)
3 pm – 4 pm (Life Sciences)

All workshops in Varsity Theatre of Wilkinson Center
(near Jamba Juice)

Go to the ORCA website to learn more about what research funding is available to BYU undergrad students:

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