Provo School District Truancy Office — Great Social Work Experience in Educational Setting

Provo City School District Truancy/Attendance Internship — 4-5 Positions Available for Winter Semester

You will be able to do the following as your time allows:

  • Meet one on one with students
  • Go on home visits
  • Learn to identify barriers and find solutions for students to overcome them
  • Observe Court
  • Observe Administrative meetings and participate after training.
  • Multi agency staffing meetings observation
  • Learn about community resources, how and when to refer a student/family
  • Learn how to do an FBAAT- Similar to a BIP or Behavior intervention plan
  • Help at Provo Attendance Court.
  • Help parents become connected to the schools
  • Motivate students to be in school and teach them skills to be successful.

Interviews will be starting the 2nd week of December.

Contact: Jode Porter, Provo School District Truancy/Attendance Specialist
801-373-2183 or 801-367-4755

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