CIRCLES Program – Pre-Circle Leader

Circles Initiative

Stabilization Plan for Pre-Circle Leader Class Participants
Intern Position Winter Semester, 2019

To help facilitate retention and preparation of potential Circle Leaders, (or participants in poverty) who are waiting for the 12-week class to begin.

To ensure that potential Circle Leaders are at stage 3 on the self-sufficiency scale by the start of the 12-week class.


  • Intern will become familiar with the Circles model and attend a Bridges out of Poverty training as part of their hours as well as an Ally training. (2.5 hours each)
  • Intern will make and maintain a relationship with following organizations:
    • Financial Learning Center
    • Turning Point and/or Strengthening Families
    • DWS and/or CAS
    • BYU Comprehensive Clinic and/or Family Support and Treatment Center
    • Wasatch Mental Health and/or Community Health Connect/Mountainlands
  • Intern will get contact information of the potential Circle leader
  • Intern will meet with potential Circle leader at Community Action Services, get to know them and their goals
  • Intern will determine if potential Circle leader is in need of any of the following:
    • Counseling and Healthcare
    • Housing placement and subsidies
    • Food Stamps and cash assistance
    • Childcare and transportation assistance
  • Intern will help potential Circle leader complete the following:
  1. Attend a first Tuesday night Matched Circles (meet and greet)
  2. Meet with Charmagne at the Financial Learning Center and start working on their budget? Complete class?
  3. Sign up and complete one class session at Turning Point and/or Strengthening Families, depending on needs
  4. Receive adequate assistance that can help meet needs (as determined at intake): DWS, CAS, HEAT, etc.
  5. If determined at intake that counseling is needed, start counseling at BYU Comprehensive Clinic and/or Family Support and Treatment Center
  6. If determined at intake that healthcare is needed, sign up with Wasatch Mental Health and/or Community Health Connect or Mountainlands
  • Potential Circle Leader will complete required commitments with above organizations (as determined by Coaches and Coordinator). Intern will keep track of progress.
  • Intern will maintain weekly contact with potential Circle Leader
  • Potential Circle Leader will write up a summary of what they learned from their experience and how they feel it helped them prepare for the 12-week class (?)

If you are interested in this internship or have questions, please contact Kathy Givens at:, 434-426-8586 to set up an interview.  This internship would be for winter semester-2019 for 10 hours a week.    See this link for more information about Circles:

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